Ride & Grind

Kenya – Kiamabara PB




Roast Type

Ride & Grind Dark Coffee tin Coffee beans

What's in your cup

  • Origin

    Kenya - Kiamabara PB
  • Process

  • Varietal

    Sl28 & 34
  • Tasting notes

    Blackcurrant, Juicy, Ripe Mango

Roast Days

We currently roast through the week and orders will be processed the following day.

More about the farm...

The Nyeri County is excellently situated between the Aberdare Range’s eastern base and Mt. Kenya’s western slopes. The county has mild weather and excellent land due to its elevation of 2,100 metres above sea level. These traits, when combined with seasonal rainfall, create an ideal coffee-growing climate. This region’s coffee is recognised for its strong acidity, ripe fruit flavours, and full-bodied flavour; development is slow, resulting in a firm, dense bean. The ripe coffee cherries are graded and washed in full using conventional procedures. After that, the cherries are fermented in fresh river water to break down the sticky mucilage. The coffee cherries are sun-dried on raised beds for 3-5 weeks after the 6-day process, before being sorted by size and quality.

Drying tables Karii Factory Ride & Grind Coffee beans

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