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Ethiopia – Basha Bekele




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What's in your cup

  • Origin

    Bensa, Sidama Region, Southern Ethiopia
  • Process

  • Varietal

    Heirloom, 74160, 74158
  • Tasting notes

    Blueberry, Floral, Delicate

Roast Days

We currently roast through the week and orders will be processed the following day.

More about the farm...

This product is one of our lots that has come from a group of small farmers in the Sidama region of Southern Ethiopia.

Basha and his wife and two children own 3 hectares of coffee the Bombe village in Bensa, Sidama. Basha grows the 74160 variety which he got through the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre. The coffee grows under the shade of native trees in a forest. The 74160 variety is a selection from the Jimma research centre. This variety was selected from wild plants in the Metu-Bishari forest in the Illuababora zone in Western Ethiopia. 74160 is widely distributed varieties across Ethiopia and was selected for its resistance to CBD and high yield. This variety is known to have very pronounced citrus and floral notes. Basha picks and processes all of his coffee himself and within his family. The cherries are placed on raised beds at his family home to dry for around one month. Basha is a young, second generation coffee farmer. He is one of a few high end specialty coffee producer in the area. He has a 9 hectare coffee plantation on the hills of the Bombe mountain. A staff of 7 full time employees manage the station with an additional 45 during the harvest months of October to January. The main varietal grown around the area is 74158 which is cultivated under the natural shade canopy of native trees like false banana and other perennial shade trees. All cherry is hand picked farming family members experienced in the process. Cherries are then floated and sorted by density and floaters (under ripes) removed. Cherry is then barrel sealed for 24 hours before being slowly shade dried for 28-30 days for a long, slow fermentation process. After drying the parchment moves to the Yosef dry mill in Bensa town. The farm gate price paid to farmers for this lot was $5.00/lb.

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